Red Squirrels, Brownsea Island

I was asked by my friend Jayne if I would like to go to Brownsea Island to see the Red Squirrels on the 11th September and I couldn’t say no. I had only seen them once before and it was some years ago and I was looking forward to the chance to take some images of these lovely creatures, hoping after this time I could make a better job of it than before!

We had to book up with the National Trust  in advance and we would be able to stay for 4 hours on the island. We travelled to the island on my Auntie and Uncle’s Yellow boats and they were well organised with safety in mind at the present time.

When we got there we headed straight for the area I guessed where they might be and we spotted our first one nearly straight away, I think because it was so quiet. We settled down in a small area and spent most of our time watching and enjoying these lovely little creatures. I’d forgotten how much smaller than the greys they were and also how quick they were. For most of the time, except for a few people passing by we had them to ourselves and we could sit on a log and they went about their business around us.




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